Our Mission Statement

From our beginnings, the sole focus has been to provide an unrivaled customer service. We take great care to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience. Furthermore, our web site together with our terms of service (ToS) is clear, moreover easy to understand.

We consider it best to offer a boutique range and do it better than others.

It is important that we understand what we do and do it well. Our focus is on unraveling the sex toy industry and their respective adult fun novelty products, including vibrators, dildos, dongs, rings, bullets and eggs. We do not offer anything and everything. Rather, we endeavor to specialize in sexy fun adult pleasure products and sex toys.

Our Vision Statement

Our broader vision is to simplify the purchase of adult products and sex toys, from vibrators, dildos and dongs to masturbators. In doing so our aim is to make our patrons the centre of our business. Furthermore, we believe in positive sexual health and enriching relationships.

Less is better than more.

We achieve this by first building a user friendly web site. Not a web site that is packed with banners, pop ups, is unstructured, along with incoherent flow. And, secondly by selecting choice products, so the user does not require to spend hours browsing aimlessly through irrelevant product lines.

Good simply is not good enough.

We consider being good as the mere beginnings of where we once started, not where we would like to be tomorrow.

We continually set ourselves targets, although we know we can not meet them right now. Yet, we also know, that through trying to meet them, we are capable of getting further than we predicted. In the path of innovation and technological evolution we take things that simply work well and then make them work better than expected. For instance, when we identified that web sites and in particular online adult toy shops were often unstructured and plain confusing, we built ours from the ground up, ensuring it is user friendly and always with the user's experience in mind.

We thank physicist Tim Berners-Lee the founder of HTML and W3C for enabling all computer scientists and programming specialists to build upon his foundations.

We thank you for taking the time to read our vision and mission statements and are honored that you chose us to purchase your pleasure products and sexy fun toys - enjoy. Having Fun

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